Master Programs at ZU

Research Orientation for Practical Application

It is empirically proven that only through focusing on research you can ensure the successful practical application of skills. Studies prove that a focus on research in master programs has a positive effect both on the HR managers' perception of the employee and the quality of education itself, as well as on the average starting salary, which is around 1,000 U.S. dollars higher. But above all, the focus on research makes for a degree course where the collective acquisition of knowledge takes priority. Outstanding theses and research projects will be awarded and published in zu|würfe.

A Quick Outline of Our Courses

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For Those Who Plan; For Those Who Contemplate; For Lateral Thinkers: Advanced Master Programs and Programs for Non-Specialists

The challenge – heterogeneity instead of monoculture: ZU also offers master programs in "Communication & Cultural Management" and "Politics, Administration & International Relations" to students who did their undergraduate studies in another discipline. Because we love variety and interdisciplinarity – despite the associated difficulties, and because of them. And also because we've had good experiences in the process: be it the biotechnologist who got a job at McKinsey through her master's in Economics; the architect who switched to public administration after studying Public Management & Governance; or the Swiss Lord Mayor who's studying Public Management again. In our "Master in General Management" we even have a study program specially for prospective economists who didn't study any economic subjects in their undergraduate studies. We believe in the productivity of heterogeneity. After all, preferences change sometimes.


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